About Me - a brief bit of background

Meet the team

Thomas Buck

Thomas Buck

Founder / Principal Consultant

Tom is British, originally from London, and moved to Warsaw, Poland at the end of 2009.

With over 15 years of professional experience revolving around internet projects, Tom has a vast knowledge that includes many different areas, ranging from mobile/cell phones and text messaging (SMS) through to online image matching algorithms, the Polish language, and how to play the piano spectacularly awfully.

Providing skills

I provide skills in many areas. Here's a quick run down of my core skills:

  • Linux and Windows server administration
  • Development using PHP or C# to output HTML that uses CSS
  • The MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
  • Interactive web pages with AJAX using Javascript and jQuery
  • Diving into unknown code and website configurations

I start with the simplest concept that will work and go from there. A core part of my service is giving you worthwhile advice alongside helping you to decide what to focus on.