Need a PHP, MySQL or Linux expert immediately?

I'm available right now.

Call my emergency 24-hour helpline for immediate service: +48 515 405 078.

Emergency Troubleshooting?

Emergency troubleshooting is for critical problems that you are suffering from right now.

I am an expert at diving into unknown codebases and systems, and quickly finding out where the problem lies.

I will investigate the emergency and attempt to find a solution ASAP. I may be able to implement the fix ourselves, but will consult with you first.


I charge a call-out fee of $400 USD which includes up to two hours of emergency consulting.

Additional troubleshooting hours are charged at $150 USD per hour

I can accept payment in USD, EUR or GBP.

The Process

Contact me on the phone number above, and I'll discuss your problem with you. This initial consultation is free.

Once you have agreed to work with me, I require a down payment of $500 to be sent to our PayPal account. Once I have received the down payment, plus any relevant information (login details, access to code etc.), I will begin.

I will aim to be in contact with you every step of the way, at a minimum of every half an hour.

As soon as a solution is found, I will advise you and give as much of an estimation of its impact as possible.

Before the fix is implemented, I will discuss with you who you want to implement it; I won't do additional billable work without your agreement.