You can hire me for my IT and Internet knowledge alone.

Have questions about your IT? I can travel to you, host you in TBB Polska's office, or work remotely.


What impact will a new feature have? And is it even possible?

One of my most enjoyable tasks is working out how things can best be done.

I'm happy to sit down and work out the details with you, delivering a report at the end.


In addition to my emergency troubleshooting service, you can hire me to fix non-critical problems.

Whether you're suffering from difficult-to-track-down bugs, performance issues, or have a missing feature that is having an impact right now, I am available to investigate possible fixes and their impact.

If you also need someone to implement the fixes, you can hire me to do so at my standard daily rate.


Hiring is notoriously difficult, even more so if IT is not your field. After discussing your needs, I can advise how many and what type of candidates you will need.

I am happy to draft up candidate position descriptions and the required set of skills.

If you prefer, I'm also available to interview prospective candidates, and advise on whether they would be a suitable hire.